Monday, 15 April 2013

The Frame That Just Wouldn't Go Away

I had bought a picture frame at, of course, a thrift store. Just a plain wooden frame without a picture or even a mat but for $3 I was thrilled! I had oodles of creative ides racing through my head while I drug it to the cashier. 

Well... for weeks that frame leaned up against my dining room wall just watching me as I tried to ignore its existence. You see, all that creative energy that I had running through me in the excitement of finding a bargain was long gone and now I sat staring at a plain old frame knowing that I had to do something with the silly thing. 
I'd love to say that I whipped this idea out of my 'Abundance of Creative Ideas' book that I wrote myself (Signature on the inside flap) but this idea was a rarity for me, for one night I got an idea, and cardboard box from the closet, and that frame and went nuts! 

A hot-glue gun is the magic wand to a crafter 

Much Love,
              Monica Grace

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