Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Get busy and have fun!

I love Pinterest!!! I have like 7 full boards and 2,000,000 pins. You can find 19 different ways to wear a scarf, 4 ways to kill ants without pain, to cook anything your heart desires. But don't forget to try those things! I know I have not done but a few but what I have done I really have enjoyed. Here is what I did last and I love it.
      So grab your mod podge, some black paint, and a canvas. I got mine at Hobby Lobby, 2 came in a package for around $4.00 on sale. I painted the sides of the canvas black and a little of the edge in case when I trimmed my photo I didn't cut it right.

 All you do is trim your picture to fit the canvas and mod podge it on there. Then I put 3 coats on the top to seal it.

I love how they turned out! It was really easy too. So don't forget to try at least one pinterest thing a month. Trust me, you will not regret it. Have fun!!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Death To All Ants!

When I started looking for an apartment I always said "I don't do bugs or bad guys" and I was lucky to find an apartment in the OKC area that wasn't scary or bug-infected but like all apartment tenants know and I just recently discovered was that you are at the mercy of a landlord to exert energy into fixing your problems or not to. 
         Saturday night I noticed Penelope following something rather closely on the kitchen floor.. so I did what my mother would have done, I got down to her level and found out what it was. 

                                                             ANTS!!! NO No NO!!! 
If you know me at all you know good and well that I, in no way, shape, or form, like bugs (I'm itchy just from writing this:) After looking closer I found thousands more! (okay, maybe it was more like 8) I could have waited til morning and had the maintenance man come and 'attempt' to fix the problem but knowing Marve (I don't actually know his name but that's what Mom and I call him, lovingly of course) and just how energetic he is I decided to look on Pinterest for a solution. I must admit that I felt rather morbid typing the words 'poison' and 'killer' into the search engine but I discovered greatest thing since double-stuffed oreo cookies. Borax powder. not only can it remove stains from your carpet, clean your tile floors, be used in the washer, it can be used to kill ants! 
    Here's the scoop-
                                        Boil till dissolved:
                                                     2 T Borax powder
                                                     1 cup Sugar
                                                     2 cups of water

                                        after cooled, place a cotton ball in a shallow lid (like a pop bottle lid)
                                        and pour liquid on top.
                                        Set it out where the ants will find it and your problem should be gone 
                                        within 24 hours!

I put out 3 lids full of 'ant food' on Saturday night and by the time I got home Sunday after church I haven't seen any more! 

                                                              Much Love,
                                                     Monica Grace

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pretty Pink Shoes

Natalie is starting to walk! So it is time for shoes. I love shoes! I think you can never have too many shoes (my husband would say otherwise) so we went out shopping for shoes. Evan wanted something that had lights and flashed when she walked. I thought, we will see about that but by the end of the 4th store I would have settled for flashing lights. We were not finding anything!!! We went to 7 different stores and no luck. My babies have thick chubby feet so it is hard to find shoes that fit where their feet don't puff out of the shoe like a marshmallow in a tic-tac box. Finally I found these cute little sparkly shoes. The only problem was that they were slick on the bottom. But I got them anyways because they FIT! I thought maybe it would not be that bad on carpet. Nope, they were still very slick. She looked like she was trying to walk on ice. So I had to fit this problem. And this is what I came up with...
  I bought a small tube of Clear Silicone. It is waterproof, sun proof and freeze proof. It will not crack or shrink. And it is flexible. Great!!! I do not have a steady hand and I can't draw to boot. So I did zig zag lines.
Now she can walk like a little lady and not a penguin on the ice. :) 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Introducing... Penelope!

I'd like you all to meet the newest member of the McNamar clan, my sweet little 

Since my family has yet to follow me and move the the wonderful state of Oklahoma (if only you could see the facetious look on my face as I type this sentence) I have found someone who has made living a minimal of 6 hours away from my family a little bit easier. 


I originally went to the dog rescue to see a cute little Yorkie puppy that I had seen on their website the night before but when I got there I discovered that she had already been adopted by another family. Although I was somewhat sad to find that out I was distracted by a pathetic high pitched cry coming from a cage on top of the pile that held all the dogs. Inside I found a massive (wink wink) 7 pound Mini Schnauzer with an atrocious haircut. 
I then became a believer in love at first sight.     
I sat in the floor and held a little nameless dog that made me forget all about being homesick.

And that is how I found my little Penelope  

Much Love, 
                                  Monica Grace

Monday, 25 June 2012

Being a Big Brother

Evan is all about teaching Natalie things. He is a great big brother and loves his little sister. When I took this picture it melted something inside me. Thank you Lord for showing us how to love one another.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ready... Aim... Fire!!!

Well... I think summer is here! Evan and I love messing around with water. When we water the flowers I think we get more on us than we do the flowers. I was going to pick up a bag of water balloons because I thought that would be a real blast. But then I remember a few years ago. We had a HUGE water balloon fight with all my brothers and sisters. Us girls spent hours filling water balloon after water balloon. Just to have them a broke in like under 5 minutes. And then we had 10,000 little tiny pieces of rubber to pick up out of the yard. I thought there has to be a better way. And came across this idea. It was great!!! All you need is some sponges, scissors, and we used some of daddy's zip ties.

Now grab your zip ties. We also did a few with rubber bands and
 them held up as well as the ones with the zip ties.

We made 12 of these. Now it is time to go have a blast!

As you can see we put out 4 small buckets filled with water. No limit how many times you can throw them and no little tiny pieces of rubber to pick put. My kind of game!!! It was a blast!!!

This game will give you lots of laughs! This is a summer game that we will playing for a long long time.


Friday, 8 June 2012

she's mean

toys as far as the eye could see
looked like an explosion in the toy store
a frustrated mom with {frizzy} hair and wild eyes stands in the middle of it all
4 little sandy heads twirled and fiddled pretending to help organize
hours go by

Finally with clenched hands the mom calmly says with a sweet strained tone,
 "if you don't pick up these toys I'm going to give them ALL away!
I'm just irked enough to do it!"

One unsuspecting little voice asked, "Mama, what does irked mean?"

the 4 year old with a matter-of-fact tone says, "it means she's Mean."

I need a vacation! {sigh}
(The Wesley Sisters)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Down at the bridge with Papa

This past weekend we got to spend time with my family at Grandma Grace's farm. Things have not changed much since I was a little girl. I love being there! My dad said he was going to take Evan, Evalyn, and Genaveve down to the bridge to see what they could find. Jessica and I went along too. Papa pulled the three bigger ones in a wagon, I pushed Natalie in a stroller, and Jessica packed Vera on her hip. And we were off! I remember the road being a little wider and not so long. They redid the bridge a few years ago. They took away the old iron side rails and the wood plank floor and put in a fancy (ugly) concrete bridge.

Papa Dennis, Evan, and Genaveve looking for snakes.

                                                                                                                   Papa Dennis with his girls

                                                                   Tossing little rocks and trying to hit a bigger rock.

                                                            I am so glad that my kids are able to make the same  
memories that I got to make with my cousins.


Friday, 25 May 2012

Showing our support

    Memorial Day is almost here or as my Grandma Grace calls it Decoration Day. A day to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. We love holidays around here. Any reason to have a party... I'm in!
I want my kids to understand what each holiday stands for. So on this Decoration Day we made our own eagle shirts.

    So go grab your fabric paints, a piece of cardboard, and a plain shirt, whatever color you want. Place the piece of cardboard in the shirt so that the paint does not bleed thru to the back of the shirt. (Read your paint bottles. All paint is different!) Then...

Paint only four fingers and not the thumb with brown paint. Do this to both hands.
This will make your eagle's wings. 
We let ours dry before moving on. Then...

To make the head of the eagle, make a fist (we used the right hand) splash on some white paint.
For the tail we painted the three middle fingers.

Here you go!

Thank You to all the people that have fought to defend our freedom.


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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Best Beauty Secret

This picture of Baby Sis is seriously cracking me up.
Regardless of the "deer in the headlights" expression...
this is one of the best secrets my sisters ever shared with me!
BEST eye make up remover!
Honest and for true!

I'll save you the nasty picture of old used makeup on a piece of toilet paper.
{wrinkled nose}
Just take my word for it.
  I'll never use anything else to remove my eye make up again.

I'll be lucky

Image Detail
Ricky: "Now honey, why don't you be a good girl?  You don't hear Ethel asking Fred to buy her a new dress."

Ethel: "I'll be lucky if he buys me my lunch!"

From "Lucy Gets a Paris Gown"

Friday, 18 May 2012

Moving God...                      
                                           "Faith does not move mountains.             
                                                                                           God move mountains...
                                                                                            And faith moves God!"



Wednesday, 16 May 2012

road trip anyone?

4 girls
separated by many {many...sniff...many} miles
held together by the bond that only sisters have
(via pinterest)