Saturday, 13 April 2013

Auntie M.

 The Greatest Title In The World

For two glorious weeks my sister Maria and her 5 kids: Moriah, Alexis, Eden, Brynlee Erin, and baby Truman came and stayed with me and Penelope. Although you wouldn't think my little one bedroom apartment would be ideal for 7 people to comfortably live in, I didn't notice one bit at all. You see, that's the thing about having your sister as your best friend, what others would think as stressful and frustrating I rushed home to everyday after work. Although the floors were rarely clean and we misplaced a kid or two every once in awhile, it was the most fun I've had in ages. Everyday I would come home to the girls running towards my car yelling "Aunt Monica's home!" 
While they were here we did everything from going to the circus to attempting to sled cardboard boxes down the hill (hence the word 'attempt', it didn't work as planned) 
But while they were with me I discovered that although I'm proud of my amazing job, the fact that I've got great style, or whatever else I have in life that's noteworthy, the thing that I'm most proud of in life is my title. 

Aunt Monica 

I don't think God makes little boys cuter than this

Eden Grace showing her balancing talents 

Truman in his Sunday best

Moriah, Alexis, Eden, and I spent the day at the Cowboy Museum 

I know this picture is almost too fuzzy to post but for some reason I love it so much!

Penelope was such a good sport while the girls were staying with us

Penelope giving Eden loving while she was under the weather

Brynlee Erin and Aunt Monica 

I had the honor of pulling Alexis' first tooth 

Brynlee and I at the circus 

My last morning with Truman, if only his mother hadn't found where I hid him while she was
 packing to leave he would still be with me!

Much Love,
Monica McNamar

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