Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Squaw get ’em firewood

My first Pow Wow 

When I first arrived at the festivities I noticed they had tents set up in a big circle all facing the drummer tent in the middle. It never crossed my mind that they were only for select people :) I also noticed that there was a spot right next to a tent (not even under it, mind you, just beside it) that offered a small bit of shade. So me and my little lawn chair made our way over there and I asked an older lady who was sitting by the edge if I could sit next to her... okay, so the look she gave me should have given me the hint but it didn't. (oops!) She gave me a half nod as a responce.

Skip forward about 30 minutes- I soon found out that the woman I was sitting beside was none other then the head-directer's mother (good thing I was nice to her) and the tents were not set up for shade seeking sightseers but the heads of the tribes!! I was sitting with the head family of the Red Earth
Yet another Laverne & Shirley moment to prove of my unfailing luck of getting myself into crazy situations.    


                                            Much Love,
                                                      Monica Grace



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