Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Bravest In The Land

Once upon a time, there lived... Once a year gathers the most 'unique' people Oklahoma has to offer, everything from gypsies, dragon slayers, to King Arthur impersonator gathered at the 37th annual Medieval Fair in Moore, OK. 
I've heard about this fair for the past 4 years and just never had gone so to make up for it I went twice! 
It really was interesting. People with way more self-confidence then I have walked around wearing outfits that I'm pretty sure they break out and wear to Wal-Mart just because they want to ;) Vendors of everything from suits of armor to baby dragon vendors (which I bought, her name is Maleficent), jousting tournaments, the King's story teller, Celtic clog dancers, and magic wand makers. 


Even pirates came to the fair!

My favorite thing was the story teller 
Robin Hood


                           Members of the royal court

Much Love,
        Monica Grace

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