Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pretty Pink Shoes

Natalie is starting to walk! So it is time for shoes. I love shoes! I think you can never have too many shoes (my husband would say otherwise) so we went out shopping for shoes. Evan wanted something that had lights and flashed when she walked. I thought, we will see about that but by the end of the 4th store I would have settled for flashing lights. We were not finding anything!!! We went to 7 different stores and no luck. My babies have thick chubby feet so it is hard to find shoes that fit where their feet don't puff out of the shoe like a marshmallow in a tic-tac box. Finally I found these cute little sparkly shoes. The only problem was that they were slick on the bottom. But I got them anyways because they FIT! I thought maybe it would not be that bad on carpet. Nope, they were still very slick. She looked like she was trying to walk on ice. So I had to fit this problem. And this is what I came up with...
  I bought a small tube of Clear Silicone. It is waterproof, sun proof and freeze proof. It will not crack or shrink. And it is flexible. Great!!! I do not have a steady hand and I can't draw to boot. So I did zig zag lines.
Now she can walk like a little lady and not a penguin on the ice. :) 

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