Monday, 6 August 2012

Death To All Ants!

When I started looking for an apartment I always said "I don't do bugs or bad guys" and I was lucky to find an apartment in the OKC area that wasn't scary or bug-infected but like all apartment tenants know and I just recently discovered was that you are at the mercy of a landlord to exert energy into fixing your problems or not to. 
         Saturday night I noticed Penelope following something rather closely on the kitchen floor.. so I did what my mother would have done, I got down to her level and found out what it was. 

                                                             ANTS!!! NO No NO!!! 
If you know me at all you know good and well that I, in no way, shape, or form, like bugs (I'm itchy just from writing this:) After looking closer I found thousands more! (okay, maybe it was more like 8) I could have waited til morning and had the maintenance man come and 'attempt' to fix the problem but knowing Marve (I don't actually know his name but that's what Mom and I call him, lovingly of course) and just how energetic he is I decided to look on Pinterest for a solution. I must admit that I felt rather morbid typing the words 'poison' and 'killer' into the search engine but I discovered greatest thing since double-stuffed oreo cookies. Borax powder. not only can it remove stains from your carpet, clean your tile floors, be used in the washer, it can be used to kill ants! 
    Here's the scoop-
                                        Boil till dissolved:
                                                     2 T Borax powder
                                                     1 cup Sugar
                                                     2 cups of water

                                        after cooled, place a cotton ball in a shallow lid (like a pop bottle lid)
                                        and pour liquid on top.
                                        Set it out where the ants will find it and your problem should be gone 
                                        within 24 hours!

I put out 3 lids full of 'ant food' on Saturday night and by the time I got home Sunday after church I haven't seen any more! 

                                                              Much Love,
                                                     Monica Grace

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