Monday 15 April 2013

The Frame That Just Wouldn't Go Away

I had bought a picture frame at, of course, a thrift store. Just a plain wooden frame without a picture or even a mat but for $3 I was thrilled! I had oodles of creative ides racing through my head while I drug it to the cashier. 

Well... for weeks that frame leaned up against my dining room wall just watching me as I tried to ignore its existence. You see, all that creative energy that I had running through me in the excitement of finding a bargain was long gone and now I sat staring at a plain old frame knowing that I had to do something with the silly thing. 
I'd love to say that I whipped this idea out of my 'Abundance of Creative Ideas' book that I wrote myself (Signature on the inside flap) but this idea was a rarity for me, for one night I got an idea, and cardboard box from the closet, and that frame and went nuts! 

A hot-glue gun is the magic wand to a crafter 

Much Love,
              Monica Grace

Sunday 14 April 2013

The Bravest In The Land

Once upon a time, there lived... Once a year gathers the most 'unique' people Oklahoma has to offer, everything from gypsies, dragon slayers, to King Arthur impersonator gathered at the 37th annual Medieval Fair in Moore, OK. 
I've heard about this fair for the past 4 years and just never had gone so to make up for it I went twice! 
It really was interesting. People with way more self-confidence then I have walked around wearing outfits that I'm pretty sure they break out and wear to Wal-Mart just because they want to ;) Vendors of everything from suits of armor to baby dragon vendors (which I bought, her name is Maleficent), jousting tournaments, the King's story teller, Celtic clog dancers, and magic wand makers. 


Even pirates came to the fair!

My favorite thing was the story teller 
Robin Hood


                           Members of the royal court

Much Love,
        Monica Grace

Saturday 13 April 2013

Auntie M.

 The Greatest Title In The World

For two glorious weeks my sister Maria and her 5 kids: Moriah, Alexis, Eden, Brynlee Erin, and baby Truman came and stayed with me and Penelope. Although you wouldn't think my little one bedroom apartment would be ideal for 7 people to comfortably live in, I didn't notice one bit at all. You see, that's the thing about having your sister as your best friend, what others would think as stressful and frustrating I rushed home to everyday after work. Although the floors were rarely clean and we misplaced a kid or two every once in awhile, it was the most fun I've had in ages. Everyday I would come home to the girls running towards my car yelling "Aunt Monica's home!" 
While they were here we did everything from going to the circus to attempting to sled cardboard boxes down the hill (hence the word 'attempt', it didn't work as planned) 
But while they were with me I discovered that although I'm proud of my amazing job, the fact that I've got great style, or whatever else I have in life that's noteworthy, the thing that I'm most proud of in life is my title. 

Aunt Monica 

I don't think God makes little boys cuter than this

Eden Grace showing her balancing talents 

Truman in his Sunday best

Moriah, Alexis, Eden, and I spent the day at the Cowboy Museum 

I know this picture is almost too fuzzy to post but for some reason I love it so much!

Penelope was such a good sport while the girls were staying with us

Penelope giving Eden loving while she was under the weather

Brynlee Erin and Aunt Monica 

I had the honor of pulling Alexis' first tooth 

Brynlee and I at the circus 

My last morning with Truman, if only his mother hadn't found where I hid him while she was
 packing to leave he would still be with me!

Much Love,
Monica McNamar

Thursday 11 April 2013

Don't Walk Through Life When It's More Fun To Dance

You can learn a lot about the way a person really is by looking at the pictures on their phone.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Much Love,
Monica Grace

Saturday 6 April 2013

The Secret Life of The Tooth Fairy

"I saved my loose tooth just for you!" Those were some of the first words my niece Alexis announced to me upon their arrival at my humble abode in March (at which time they got to stay 2 weeks and 2 days :)  

One of the greatest things about being an aunt is that the child naturally assumes that you are brave and knowledgeable in many areas of life, one which being tooth pulling. What this trusting little girl didn't know is that The Amazing Aunt Monica has never in her life pulled a tooth. But did I inform her of this information? No sir, I did not! I decided to wing it. I mean, how hard could it really be?

Well to my ever-dying shame I couldn't get that stubborn little thing to give up and come out on the first (or the second or third for that matter. It ended up being much harder than I thought) attempt BUT *bum-ba-ba-bah!* 2 days before my selfish sister Maria took my perfect nieces and nephew away from me (okay... I guess leaving for Grandma Paula was an acceptable reason) we were able to pull it!!  

Since the Tooth Fairy is recently abiding in Jamaica I took it upon myself to carry on the tradition of The Remover of the Tooth (from under the pillow that is). Too bad for her, this Tooth Fairy is cheap.  

I absolutely loved every minute of my sisters visit but this was by far one of the best memories I made with my Alexis.  

Much Love,
                 Monica Grace 
                                              a.k.a. The Tooth Fairy

Friday 5 April 2013

The Creative Imagination of a Cheap Creative Person

I would love glorify in the fact that I single-handedly came up with this amazing cheap yet creative idea requiring nothing more than an old suitcase and a scrap piece of material!! Alas I can not for if I would I'm sure Jiminy Cricket would soon arrive to give me the 'what for'.

So for all you visual learners out there
*       *       *       *       *    

Much Love,
                     Monica Grace